Who I work best with

Sometimes life gets tough

Maybe you are experiencing more stress than you used to, maybe what helped you manage in the past isn’t working anymore, or maybe it's finally time to deal with a chronic problem you’ve been avoiding.
I feel privileged to support people who want to take on these challenges; people who are willing ask for help and examine what is working and what isn’t.

I believe in self determination and I value diverse communities.

This means that I don’t decide what needs to change; instead, I help my clients change the things they want to. I am well suited to work with diverse families and people in a variety of relationship styles.

I believe that each person is the expert on what gender they are and what gender expression best suits them. I have experience with the challenges and joys that come with being a member of the LGBTQ community.

I have experience with:

- Gender independent / gender creative kids
- LGBT-headed households
- Poly families
- Blended families

I value neurodiversity. I work well with individuals with:
- Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome
- Learning disabilities
- Tourette syndrome

I will never try to erase the unique parts of yourself that you value; rather I will help you find ways to have a full life as the person that you are.

How I can help you

Individual Therapy

I work with individuals aged 9 to adult in one-on-one meetings.

In these meetings I can help you:

- gain insight
- challenge thought patterns that are getting in your way
- manage emotions better (especially anger, frustration and anxiety)
- experiement with different approaches to demanding situations

Flexible Family Therapy

When I work with families I do what’s called Flexible Family Therapy. This means that the whole family many come to some meeting, or I may meet with only a few family members, depending on what we are addressing.

Family members need to be at least 4 years old to attend meetings.

In these meetings I can help you:

- increase communication
- understand each other's perspectives
- experiment with new ways to approach recurring problems

Parent Coaching

I also work with parents whose children may be of any age. I can help you:

- make sense of seemingly contradictory advice from parenting ‘experts’
- figure out what approaches fit for you and your child.

Change as a collaborative process

My approach to therapy and helping people rests on two beliefs.

First, I believe that everyone is the expert on their own life, and that parents are the experts on their families.

Second, I believe that my job is to be well-informed about mental health and psychotherapeutic interventions, such as what approaches are the most effective for anxiety, or what kids tend to do at different developmental stages.

In my experience, I am the most helpful when clients and I can collaborate and bring these two areas of expertise together.

If we work together you will often hear me say things like ‘Do you think this might be true for you?” or “I’ve noticed this pattern, do you that that might be happening here?” I do this because I truly want you to consider if these things apply to your life, since even if they are true for many other people, they may not be true for you.

You will always know yourself and your family better than I do.